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Jayne’s caring and empathic attitude consistently made me feel welcome. Her candid approach helped me grow tremendously in confidence in a variety of aspects of life and I have a lot to thank her for!

Jayne has had a huge impact on my life. She’s helped me to explore and process some uncomfortable periods in my past that I’d covered over. Her awareness and empathy has helped me work through those times, and I have become a much more understanding and accepting person of who I am, my behaviours and my outlook because of her. I feel completely comfortable and at ease with Jayne, safe to share and say anything. I genuinely look forward to our weekly sessions together and hope I can continue see Jayne way into the foreseeable future, as I find our sessions totally invaluable and insightful. I have recommended Jayne to a number of friends looking for support and will continue to do so.

Jayne was my first experience of counselling. I assumed that speaking with a counsellor would help, but I didn’t appreciate how different it would be working with a professional. Jayne bought a perspective and understanding to my challenges that I never would have reached on my own. I feel like I have a new way of working through the ups and downs of everyday life now.

I worked with Jayne for over six months during one of the most difficult periods of my life. She worked with me through this time by both supporting me but also assisting me to face some more difficult truths that were hard to process.

Jayne is not quite what I expected, her down to earth approach and humour allowed me to face some uncomfortable aspects of my life. I look forward to our sessions and feel truly seen in way I have never experienced before.

When I first came to see Jayne, I was at crisis point in my life, I felt everything was a mess and on top of me and I didn’t know what to do, or where to turn.
With Jayne’s kind, caring and compassionate approach, she helped me to deal with the immediate problems I was facing, and got me to a place where I felt comfortable to deal with those issues.
It was really the work that Jayne did with me afterwards, long term, that had a such an incredible, positive impact on my life.
It wasn’t easy facing some of the deep rooted issues that came up (some that I wasn’t even aware of) but I felt Jayne really understood me and gave me an environment where I felt safe, helped me to let go and not be scared. I’ve gotten so much out of my time with Jayne, I couldn’t recommend her enough.

I truly appreciate all Jayne’s help, care, insight and humour.  It was a journey!  and I am so glad Jayne was there with me.


Jayne was really there for me when the worst happened.  I will miss talking to her and never forget what she has done for me with her kindness and wisdom.


I don’t know how I can begin to thank Jayne for all of her support, guidance, listening, care, wisdom and inspiration.  I have grown so much with her care, developed my self-awarness and enriched my life.  She is a generous, compassionate, supportive, inspiring, kind and wise person.  It is above all strength and resilience that I never thought possible jayne has facilitated in me.  I would recommend Jayne to anyone.